2018 - Fall tasks in the vineyards

Fall tasks in our vineyards

2018 - Fall tasks in the vineyards
Autumn is the season that vineyard begins to slowly fall asleep after the harvest, foliage colors turn yellowish or brown red until fall down.
Although the frantic pace of harvest is over and there is a calmer routine, there are some tasks to be done to support vine rejuvenation for next growth cycle, before winter settles in.
First and foremost we have to work with the soil: rip the soil using a ripper after harvest, when the soil is still dry. Ripping allows greater water penetration and enables vine roots to get deeper into the soil.
Furthermore soil compaction is removed, improving the root’s aeration and drainage. This way roots gain greater access to soil nutrients which is very important for their growth. Secondly we have to maintain the trelling system of vineyards which has become loosed during summer and harvest. Steel wires, posts and anchors have to be tightened again in order to be able to support the next year’s crop.

Now that those tasks have been done , we are ready for the winter pruning.

View typical fall photos from our vineyards

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