Greek Recipe: Cretan recipe sautéed lamb with potatoes

Sautéed lamb ("tsigariastó") with potatoes
Traditional Greek Recipe

For 4 people


Douloufakis Enotria Rose wine

Combines well with Douloufakis Enotria Rose

For the sautéed lamb:
1 kg lamb cut in medium pieces
1 cup 200ml extra virgin olive oil
1 onion 
1 glass of wine Douloufakis Enotria Rose

For the fried potatoes:
1 kg potatoes

A big frying pan with a lid

How to cook  sautéed lamb

1. Wash and drain the lamb.
2. Place the olive oil in a pan and wait for a few minutes until it gets hot.
3. Cook the meat on medium heat to get enough color.
4. Chop and add the onion.
5. Pour in a glass of red wine Douloufakis Enotria Rose.
6. Add the salt and pepper.
7. Cover the pan with the lid and lower the fire to the minimum.
8. Stir from time to time and cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
9. Wash and cut into large pieces the potatoes with their peel. Then, fry them and salt them.
10. Serve with rosé dry wine, Douloufakis Enotria Rose from the varieties Kotsifali and Syrah.
"Kalí oréxi" and cheers from Crete!

Sautéed lamb is even better and remains juicy if you choose shoulder blade of the lamb.

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Video Recipe Sautéed lamb with potatoes


Vinification or winemaking  is  the process  that leads from grape to wine.


Grape variety Syrah in Crete, Greece

There is an increasing interest of growers and winemakers  for  this variety  in recent years.


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Combines well with Douloufakis Aspros Lagos red dry wine.


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