Recipe: Fried red mullets

Fried red mullets
Greek Recipe

For 4 people

Douloufakis Sauvignon Blanc

Combines well with Douloufakis Sauvignon Blanc white dry wine.


1 kg mullets
fine semolina flour
olive oil

How to cook fried red mullets

Thoroughly clean the fish from scales and entrails.
Wash, salt them inside-outside and leave them in a strainer to drain thoroughly. There should be no water left in the fish in order to be crispy.
Then, cover them with the semolina flour and fry in plenty of hot oil, putting  them into the pan little by little, leaving some distance between them.
Serve warm on a platter lined with lettuce leaves and tender slices of lemon.

Grape variety Sangiovese in Crete, Greece

Sangiovese is the variety  that adjusts better to warm and dry climate.


Greek Recipe: Cretan recipe sautéed lamb ("tsigariastó") with potatoes

Combines well with Douloufakis wine "Enotria Rose".


Cretan grape variety Kotsifali

Kotsifali cretan grape variety is a truly remarkable red of Crete, it is grown mainly in the prefectureof Hheraklion


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