Harvest 2018 at Douloufakis winery


Harvest 2018 at Douloufakis winery
After a wet and cold 2017 we experienced a dry and mild winter 2018 with feeble rainfalls. However our vineyards didn’t face any water stress for two reasons : Firstly they have established deep roots into the soil and secondly we used a controlled irrigation throughout summer. This "drought" actually gave us an easy year with no disease usually caused by humidity.
The mild winter resulted in a very early grape ripening. In the begging of July we had the first signs of veraison.
The harvest begun on 31st of July which is 17 days earlier than the average. SauvignonBlanc, Chardonnay, Muscat, Liatiko were the first grapes to be harvested and soon after came the Vidiano, Asyrtiko, Malvasia.
As harvest progressed, the mild August resulted in a smooth ripening for red varieties like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kotsifali and therefore they were very rich in phenolic compounds; those varieties came to maturation gradually from 15th to 30th of August. Last but not least, harvested Mandilari, around 20th September as it is known for its late maturity.
Now that all barrels and tanks are full of wine, we can sit back and relax... at least for a bit!

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